56 Basketball Pointers and Reminders Pete Maravich 1980

Pistol Pete PointersThese are 56 Basketball Pointers by my Dad Pistol Pete that he wrote in 1980. I have kept this for years and I decided just now to put it online for you. I hope this helps your game as much as it helped mine.

These pointers or the Holy Grail of my Dad’s career and they should be revisited on a regular bases if you want to transcend your basketball career to the next level. I would highly recommend that you print this out and post it in your locker or next to your bed. There is no better practice than reciting these 56 pointers everyday. The more you can remember, the more they can help you when needed.

  1. Mastery of skills through the fundamentals route invites physical achievement, victory is visualizes and the power to relax comes naturally.
  2. Ball possession is a fundamental of the game itself. You can’t score without it, and the opponent can’t score while you have it. Get the ball, keep it, pass it, and score with it.
  3. A teammate may be faster, even taller, he may be a better shooter or a clever passer, he may be a better defensive player, but he should not be superior in team spirit, attitude, aggressiveness, determination, ambition, coachability or confidence.
  4. A well conditioned team is highly desirable before any degree of efficiency can be attained.
  5. There is no short cut to well conditioned teams.
  6. Good observance of training rules must come from within the players, it cannot in any way be forced upon them.
  7. Personality, character, and mental toughness are developed through sacrifice, hard work, and observance of training rules.
  8. Basketball surpasses all professional, college and high school games in the matter of teamwork, for in basketball every player on the team receives the ball continually during an offensive movement within the scoring zone.
  9. Basketball requires skill, quickness, balance, leg spring, endurance, and strength. Each player should develop these physical requirements.
  10. Passing is basketball’s most important fundamental.
  11. How you handle the ball is the key that tells whether or not you are an high-class ball club.
  12. A team is not in danger if it has possession of the ball and knows what to do with it.
  13. Knowing when to shoot is just as important as knowing when not to shoot.
  14. Sleep is the master builder of our bodies.
  15. It is not only a privilege to be able to play basketball, but it is also a responsibility.
  16. Patterns and quick hitting plays are important, but if players have not learned or mastered the fundamentals they will never be able to execute play patterns or plays as set up.
  17. If an athlete has confidence in his ability to execute fundamentals, it will give him him poise on the court.
  18. Dr. James Naismith said “basketball is a game easy to play, but difficult to master”.
  19. Passing- no player should be on the team if he cannot pass.
  20. Like any other science, to know it well one must have a thorough knowledge of the principle fundamentals, sweeping generalities will not do, vagueness of instruction is fatal.
  21. Defense- footwork and conditioning are to the defensive team what passing and shooting are to the offensive team.
  22. Morale, poise, and the will to win are attributes which mark a winning combination.
  23. A good basketball player should have the following qualities- speed, skill, knowledge of the game, condition, strength, courage, mental toughness, and a positive attitude and balance.
  24. Determination to outplay your opponent, to shut him out, to get the rebounds, to be a great ball hawk, and to do more than your part towards a good team defense will bring out the best in a player.
  25. Be mentally alert and aggressive on defense.
  26. Determination, fight and mental and physical aggressiveness are necessary to play good defense.
  27. Team defense can only be as strong as its weakest individual.
  28. Overconfidence robs the player of his mental and physical aggressiveness.
  29. A player is of little value to the team if his man gets as many points as he does in each game. Basketball still has two departments: defense and offense.
  30. Win honestly and with modesty, lose courageously and without whimpering.
  31. Superior ability gained over long periods of training is rewarded with success over mediocre preparation.
  32. A team to be successful, must have a spirit of cooperation, a give and take attitude, a respect of each other’s ability, and a feeling of friendliness and helpfulness between the players and the coach.
  33. A desire to win, to play as a team, submerging the self for the benefit of the group, to attain perfection, and to put their powers to the utmost will turn a merely mediocre team into a team of poise, judgement, and determination.
  34. A good athlete has a strong determination to do better and thereby become more proficient.
  35. There is lots of room in this world for a winner, but the “standing room only” sign is always up for the loser.
  36. Anger is a decided enemy to good basketball playing, because where there is anger there is less relaxation and concentration. Anger prevents a clear mind which is so necessary for certain reflective and reflexive actions under game conditions.
  37. Over confidence produces a mental condition in athletes which discourages application.
  38. During a players experience it is necessary to make many adjustments to different playing conditions.
  39. Great competitors will not permit little things to bother their performance.
  40. Good condition means greater efficiency, more accuracy, and greater endurance.
  41. Lack of sleep means less muscular relaxation and deprives the body of its opportunity to make repairs.
  42. Good free throw shooting is a great stabilizing influence in that the ability to convert a high percentage of free throws will keep a team in the game when shooting from the floor is off.
  43. Confidence and practice is half the battle in free throw shooting. Practice will improve accuracy and thus begets confidence.
  44. It is greater to receive the compliment that he is hard to guard then to have it said he is a great shot.
  45. Officiating varies greatly. Accept their efforts without criticism. Adjust to the officiating.
  46. A strong defense is the stabilizing factor in your tam play. It will enable you to stay within reach of your opponents and prevent disorganization in your play.
  47. More close-score games are lost by mistakes of the head than are lost by mistakes of the hands or feet. In the last resort almost everything turns upon trifle.
  48. The more players understand about the objectives of the game, the more valuable they are to the team.
  49. Fundamental drills should be a segregated part of the system from which can be stressed fundamentals, timing, and plays.
  50. A player’s greatest team value may be his backboard ability-go get that ball.
  51. Knowledge of the game makes for confidence.
  52. An athletic team on a trip is the representative of the school. Faculty, students, and alumni want the school represented in a way that reflects credit on the school. This is the responsibility of the coach and of the players.
  53. There is no easy way to acquire skill. It takes perserverence, determination, willingness to work, and practice. The players who do not have these qualities of character, will be a liability rather than an asset.
  54. The player who plays to the full extent of his capacities and abilities can, regardless of the outcome, carry his chin high and look anyone in the eye. The player who fails to do this is untrue to himself and to the trust placed in him by his friends.
  55. Basketball is fun and should be played as such, but it is a great deal more pleasant to win than lose. Therefore, it benefits every player to do his utmost to prepare himself in order that he may gain the greatest of pleasure from his competition.
  56. The self-discipline and unselfish pride in your work will not only give you confidence during your playing days, but will be of great help in any task you undertake in later life.

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