10 Tips to Becoming a Better Rebounder

Ten Tips to Becoming a Better RebounderRebounding is another key aspect of basketball. A lot of coaches and players alike though don’t really understand or give good tips on how to properly become a glass eater. Rebounding is a critical component and often decides the outcome of ball games.

Usually the team that wins the rebound margin wins the game. There are exceptions to this, but a majority of the time you rebound you win. When we talked about shooting and how it is a lost art rebounding becomes even more important because of so many missed shots and low field goal percentage. At least 55 percent of the shots taken in a basketball game are usually misdirected, making it essential to pull in the rebounds. To improve your chances of becoming a good rebounder don’t get caught standing around and watching your teammates fight for possession under the basket. Get in there and scrap yourself.

These 10 tips on becoming a better rebounder will not only help you to grab more boards, but also how to do it with out getting in foul trouble. You want to be aggressive, but also smart at the same time. No team ever has enough top rebounders. They are invaluable. If you are lacking in other areas such as shooting or ball handling, rebounding is a skill anyone can improve at. It takes aggressiveness mixed with an unrelenting attitude that will not stop you until the ball is in your hands. You don’t have to be built like tarzan to pull in rebounds. Ruggedness comes in suprising packages. Dennis Rodman pound for pound is the greatest rebounder of all time. Six foot seven and often giving up half a foot. How bad do you want to rebound?« Continue »

56 Basketball Pointers and Reminders Pete Maravich 1980

Pistol Pete PointersThese are 56 Basketball Pointers by my Dad Pistol Pete that he wrote in 1980. I have kept this for years and I decided just now to put it online for you. I hope this helps your game as much as it helped mine.

These pointers or the Holy Grail of my Dad’s career and they should be revisited on a regular bases if you want to transcend your basketball career to the next level. I would highly recommend that you print this out and post it in your locker or next to your bed. There is no better practice than reciting these 56 pointers everyday. The more you can remember, the more they can help you when needed.« Continue »

Top 10 Tips to Becoming a Better Passer

Pistol Pete PassingPassing the basketball is an often overlooked aspect of the game. Passing ability is key against man to man defense, but especially in attacking a zone defense and in controlling the ball by freezing at the end of the game.

There are different passes for every play in the game. Passing requires good hands and like shooting a lot of backspin that come from snapping the wrist and following through. Passing is the most overlooked part of the game, but it also is a big reason for turnovers and sloppy play. Knowing when to make the pass and what kind of pass is what separates the average passer to the good passer.

We are going to learn how to become better passers and what steps must be taken to achieve this. No player wants to be one dimensional. A well rounded player is what everyone should strive for and a player who is adept at passing along with other skills is much harder to guard. Passing in today’s game has not evolved much. Part of the problem is the reliance on too much dribbling and not enough movement and passing. When a player has great “court vision” it means they see the whole floor and have great timing on their passes. These tips will improve your passing and also help you learn what pass is best for certain situations.« Continue »