30 Tips To Help Become a Better Shooter

30 Shooting TipsShooting is without a doubt the single most important skill in basketball. It also is a lost art and is on the decline at every level. There are very few great shooters. Why is this? It is a combination of factors that we will discuss that range from proper release all the way to having the right mindset. It is first and foremost a skill, but without tons of repetition it is a skill that will lack the fine tuning it needs to become great. Shooting is also a skill that any player no matter their skill level can improve. There are no excuses as to why you can not become a better shooter. All you need is a goal and a ball. It has to be a priority and you must be dedicated.

Each potential player learning how to shoot a basketball must learn that it takes good concentration, hard work and plenty of practice to develop a good shooting eye. There’s an old adage that says “shooters are made and not born.” This is absolutely true. They are of necessity made through many long hours of practice and more practice. Whether it is dribbling, ball handling, shooting or learning other phases of the game one thing is certain-practicing is important. Decades ago,when Bill Bradley played for Princeton he had a motto which said, “You gotta practice and practice and practice because if you don’t, somewhere someone else is practicing and when he meets you he will beat you.”If you care to follow the above motto you can develop into a deadly shooter. Just remember there is no instant success to being a good shooter. Shooting habits must be carefully developed over a period of time. This gives the beginner learning the game lots of positive confidence.« Continue »