Jaeson Maravich BIO

Jaeson Maravich

  • Son of late “Pistol Pete” Maravich
  • Invited to Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. Top 50 seniors in country. Was only NAIA player invited. High scorer in 2 of the 3 games
  • Has tried out for 2 NBA teams and had invitation from 3 teams.
  • Has been coaching basketball camps and clinics and training kids for the past 9 years.
  • 2 time NAIA 1st Team All American. Only 9th player ever in NAIA to accomplish this feat.

I have basketball in my blood. My grandfather Press Maravich was an innovator and mastermind in the game. He taught my dad (Pistol Pete) everything he knew. My dad revolutionized the game. He was so far ahead of his time there are still things I haven’t seen them do today that he was doing with ease in the late 60’s. In my mind the best player ever. His combination of shooting, dribbling, and passing skills were unmatched. John Wooden once told me Press knew more about the X’s and O’s than anyone he ever came across. They both had an extreme passion for the game and gave everything they had to the game. Their contributions changed the game forever.

I got my time playing developmentally in the NBA but I struggled with the lifestyle and made a tough decision to retire from the game that I love. I was a point guard/shooting guard like my dad. I tried to model my game after him and tried to have the same work ethic. I was 2nd in the nation in scoring in junior college in 2000 averaging 28 points a game and a 2 time All American at William Carey in Hattiesburg Mississippi. I started training and coaching kids in 2004 and found that next to playing I had never gotten the kind of enjoyment I found when instructing kids. It is so rewarding and I try to be someone they can look up to and also set the right example. I feel like I need to pass the legacy that my grandfather passed to my dad and my dad passed to me on to the next generation. I never really had anyone too help me in a similar fashion with my dad passing away when I was 8 years old. I have a passion for this game and feel like I can teach and take you to incredible places. I want to teach and help anybody that has a hunger to get better and wants to learn all they can about improving their game and taking it to a whole different level.