Top 10 Basketball Handling Mistakes

Pistol Pete basketball handlingBall handling is a crucial part of basketball and there are 10 common mistakes that young players and even players on higher levels commit. We will be learning ten huge mistakes of ball handling and how to correct them for optimum game performance.

Dribbling and taking care of the ball is vital to a player and team success. The game has changed and evolved rapidly from even ten years ago. Even the some of the rules have changed and with that comes a misunderstanding of what is the correct way of handling the ball. These ten points will make any player a more efficient and better ball handler. Lots of games are won and lost due to either sloppy ball handling or being too careless with the ball.

You can be the greatest shooter in the gym, but if you can’t handle the ball effectively than your shot will be just a wasted skill. Ball handling is a skill that can be improved upon with lots of repetition and correct training. It also is a skill that must be practiced on a daily basis.When a player misses significant time away from the game usually the two things that are hard to get back right away are your conditioning and your ball handling. There are very few elite ball handlers playing today. One reason is it takes a tremendous amount of dedication. The first thing any player wants to do when entering the gym is shoot. Their is not enough emphasis put on ball handling especially at the youth level. Even ten to 15 minutes a day can have a huge impact on the quality and effectiveness of your ball handling.

Kids today watch the NBA and want to emulate all the fancy moves before even realizing that first you must master the basics and fundamentals before progressing to the more advanced stages. One thing that stays consistent with basketball and will never change are the fundamentals. They must be taught and learned. The earlier the better. Having the fundamentals down will increase your chances greatly of becoming the ball handler you want to be and are capable of.

Ten Mistakes of Ball Handling and the way to correct them are as follows.

In no particular order the first is:

  1. Dribbling The Ball Too High – In my training of youth basketball this is the biggest problem I have noticed. Too high of a dribble causes the ball handler to have way less control over their dribble. When dribbling the first thing you should do is work on keeping the dribble low. The lower the dribble is the quicker and more explosive it will be. You also will have more control which is vital.
  2. Taking Off With Dribble Before Properly Catching The Pass – Again I have seen the 6 to 9 yr old group do this frequently. Being out of control and dribbling before securing pass with both hands is a good way of turning the ball over. Most coaches pet peeves include turnovers near the top of the list.
  3. Not Keeping Your Hand On Top Of The Ball – This is the reason there are carrying calls made by the officials. Placing your hand under the ball causes a carrying motion where as having your hand placed above the ball constitutes proper control of the dribble.
  4. Dribbling To Far Out In Front Or Behind And Not At Your Side – Having the ball to far out in front is a sure way of having it stolen or knocked away while dribbling too far behind causes the player to either stop his dribble or to slow down his speed.Having the dribble at your side will better protect your dribble while also giving you more control.
  5. Trying To Do The Fancy Things Before Mastering The Basics – If you want to reach the elite level of ball handling the basics and fundamentals must be practiced and become second nature. This will allow you to progress to the more advanced levels.
  6. Dribbling To Much In 1 Spot – Dribbling in the same spot with no purpose is a way of just chipping the paint off the floor. To much dribbling causes everyone to stand around and when there is no ball movement everything becomes stagnant. This is a very common mistake among players at every level today.
  7. Not Keeping Your Head Up – You can be the best dribbler on the planet, but if you can’t see what’s in front of you it’s a moot point. Having your head up is key to being an elite ball handler.
  8. The Double Dribble – Again this is more of a problem among youth players,but is one of the easier mistakes to correct.
  9. Either Dribbling Right In Front Of The Defender Or Not Protecting The Ball – Triple threat position is key and when you decide to dribble it must be away from defender with other arm shielding the man and ball. Protecting the ball at all times is the difference between a potential score or a critical turnover.
  10. Doing Too Much Stationary Ball Handling – When you practice you want to get both stationary drills and on the move drills. Stationary will develop hand eye coordination while on the move will develop moves and dribbling at different speeds that correlate more to game situations.

Ball Handling Program

Now it is time to put all these mistakes to rest and follow a plan of action. In my program you will learn proven, effective, and timeless drills that will not only improve hand and eye coordination, but will also improve ball handling skills and confidence to a place you haven’t been before. If you would like to improve your ball handling and reach your potential as a ball handler it’s time to put the work in and start the program. There are drills for every level of player whether you are just beginning or are already highly advanced. Dedication, hard work, and discipline do not guarantee anything, but without them you don’t stand a chance. It’s time to make you an elite ball handler.

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